carre2  The companies and artists who recognize themselves in the Arts of Mime and Movement practice a type of theater whose dramaturgy is essentially based on the body in motion.


This "label" groups together the theater of gesture, mime, visual theater, body mime, movement theater, pantomime, body theater, physical theater, dance theater, among others.


Our collective works to showcase the contemporary creative diversity of these arts. You will find here a short presentation of the work of the collective's members as well as details of the companies' current performances. You can download it using the following link:


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a fleur de peau 1 opt   Casus DélireCie. « à fleur de peau »
Artistic direction : Denise Namura & Michael Bugdahn
Country : Ile de France ( France)

Denise Namura is Brazilian and Michael Bugdahn from Germany. Choreographers and performers, they found their dance-theatre company in 1988. Till now they created about fourty shows for « à fleur de peau » and other companies such as the Ballet National de São Paulo, la Cia. Portuguesa de Bailado Contemporâneo et le Bernballett. These shows have been performed at several renowned festivals in about twenty countries. Their work received several awards.Some important partners (coproduction and sponsorships) were Cie. Maguy Marin, the Maison de la Danse de Lyon, the Fondation BNP Paribas, ADAMI, ONDA et the CND.The two choreographers consider teaching as an essential aspect of their research and art.




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Casus Délire Compagnie Commes SI
Artistic direction : Caroline Maydat
Country : Ile de France ( France)

Ever since its creation in 2008, Comme Si Company seizes the stage in order to question our society. It uses tools with strong poetic capacities : physical theater, dance, mime, acrobatics, clown. Each of these disciplines tells a story in its own way and brings a dreamlike correspondence to reality, adding images to words and story telling. Each one of our creations explore several levels of interpretation and is addressed to every kind of audience

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Casus DélireCompagnie ZaÏ
Artistic direction : Arnaud Préchac
Country: Ile de France ( France)

Zaï is a multidisciplinary company, created in 2015, based in Paris, which purpose is the creation and the production of shows, for all audiences, disadvantaged and young audiences too. The specificity of the company consist in creating on the stage with our differents artistics and sensitive languages.

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Casus DélireFool's Cap / Vinicius Carvalho
Artistic direction : Vini Carvalho
Country : Ile de France ( France)

Fool's Cap is an international movement-based company founded in 2015.  Combining research, creation and pedagogy, the company has toured throughout Europe, Brazil, India and South Korea, winning important partnerships such as the Arts Council England, the European Cultural and the Danish Arts Foundations, the European Union i-Portunus. Fool’s Cap focuses on the body as a channel for expression, seeking a hybrid style between theatre, dance and mime (or simply not thinking of them separately at all). The company has created two major works and a few short pieces in its five years of existence.

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Artistic direction: Anne Chiummo
Country : Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur (France)

Founder, Anne Chiummo, mime and stage director, is developing her work around two axis : show creation and transmission of the art of mime. Her aesthetic comes from thework around the body, more particularly in the mime technique. Her shows are evolving between mime, puppets, masks texts and music.

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hippocampe   Casus DélireCompagnie Hippocampe
Artistic direction : Luis Torreao
Country : Ile de France ( France)

Created along the borders of Mime and Theater, the shows of the Hippocampe company portray the emotions and interior conflicts elicited by our most intimate thoughts. The Mime technique allows the artists to outline through movement those subtle vibrations, using contrasting feelings and dynamic distortions within the actions of everyday life. The poetic universe thus assembled is the dramatic thread of each piece directed by Luis Torreao.


Tumultes site GLAM opt   Casus DélireInExtenso93
Artistic direction: Catherine Dubois et François Pilon
Country: Ile de France ( France)

We defend a theatre which promotes the clown and gesture theatre, which states a political conscience through poetic means, which shares its art and is meant for all. We create shows at the crossroads of theatre, movement and clown. We are involved in training by means of regular workshops and sessions; we create links with the Seine-Saint-Denis department in the near -by suburbs of Paris

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Casus Délire La Volga
Artistic direction : Violaine Clanet et Laurent Clairet
Country : Auvergne ( France)

La Volga has been offering visual and poetic shows for more than 10 years, with the emphasis on slapstick and burlesque. His atypical creations, gestural and without words are exported across 5 continents. "Mr. and Mrs. O", his first show has played in about fifty countries.
Laurent Clairet and Violaine Clanet, graduates of the Paris Mimodrame International School Marcel Marceau, are in charge of the artistic direction

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Casus Délire Le Corps Sauvage
Artistic direction : Gilles Coullet
Country: Paris ( France)

The Wild Body Company aims at being a laboratory of embodied physical practices for performing arts. It supervises creations of shows and performances, offers weekly classes and internship training workshops for dancers and stage artists. From our coccyx up to our reptilian brain, every vertebra of our backbone keeps a fundamental memory, remembering our evolving origin. Le Corps Sauvage aims at revealing our primal energy to give body to performing arts.

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Casus DélireCompagnie Mangano-Massip
Artistic direction : Sara Mangano et Pierre-Yves Massip
Country : Ile de France ( France)

From 2010 theirs shows have been toured around the world: London Mime Festival ,French May festival Hong Kong, Festival Mimos de Périgueux, Festival croisement Pekin, Woman stage festival Israël, Teatro del Lago Chili….and Singapour, Porto Rico, Iran, Kossovo, Italie, Espagne, Suisse, Angleterre, Montenegro. They are also concerned about pedagogy and they teach frequently in theater school and univesristy around the world
Sara and Pierre-Yves are in the vanguard of activity for the renewal of mime through different initiatives in France, such as Festival Mimesis.





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Casus DélireMime F.P.A.O.
Artistic direction: Mime F.P.A.O
Counrty: Ile de France ( France)

I am a mime artist who practices the art of mime in its generality;
Mime Pantomime, Mime Automate, Mime Follower, Mime Corporal and statue,
I want to rediscover the mime and the art of mime in any place
in the theater or on the street or at an individual's house,that we finally leave a real place to this art.
And make it discover to the popular class

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moveo opt   Casus DélireMoveo Cia

Artistic direction :
 Stéphane Lévy & Sophie Kasser
Country : Barcelone (Spain)

Since 2005, the Moveo Cía has brought to the international stage and to the street a creative work that explores the narrative possibilities of the body, through a physical language that constantly searches for connections between different disciplines. Based in Barcelona, the company creates acclaimed physical theatre shows that, through a delicate physical work and a great imaginative wealth, allow the public to experiment the communicative possibilities of this theatrical genre.Most recent awards: Best Show Award (dance category) of the International Theatre and Dance Fair of Huesca’15, the Mais Award for Best Company of the Imaginarius International Festival’16 (Portugal) and the Moritz FiraTàrrega’17 Award for Best Street Arts Premiere.

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grands chemins Troisième GénérationThéâtre des Grands Chemins
Artistic direction: Fabio Ezechiele et Sofie SFORZINI
Country: Occitanie ( France)

We create original, unconventional theatrical performances - from the principal theatrical styles to mime, dance, puppetry, Commedia dell'Arte, song, clowning...We aim to create performances that have a broad appeal to all types of audiences, in all situations, and provide our audiences with an extraordinary experience.

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theatredessilence1   Casus DélireLe Théâtre des Silences
Artistic direction : Gwenola Lefeuvre
Country : Bretagne ( France)

The "Théâtre des Silences" thinks the world is way too loud, that it should rather keep quiet or find some kind of new languages. We offer a theatre of gestures and images where the body draws the space and tells the echo of life, in a made-up language that everyone would understand without even learning it. Narrating with mime is forgetting spoken words and letting go of the political, polemical and the media : leaving it up to the senses

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Théâtre Diagonale - Collectif des arts du mime et du geste   Casus DélireThéâtre Diagonale
Artistic direction: Esther Mollo
Country : Hauts-de-France ( France)

Esther Mollo, Director of the Théâtre Diagonale company has trained in physical Theatre and dance. She graduated from the Ecole Internationale de Mimodrame Marcel Marceau (Marcel Marceau Mime International School) then she studied with former assistants of Etienne Decroux: Ivan Bacciocchi, Corinne Soum, Tom Lebhart, Jean Asselin, Denise Boulanger and with the Théâtre Du Mouvement (Movement Theatre)
The human body is at the center of all creations being the pieces, the research and the workshops presented by Théâtre Diagonale.
Since 2009, the company is exploring new artistic fields such as the dialog between the corporeal and the immaterial, between the body and new technologies.
Thanks to interactive devices, the actors’ bodies and objects in motion become a surface for projection and interaction



theatre mvt Troisième GénérationThéâtre du Mouvement

Artistic direction : Claire Heggen et Yves Marc
Country : Ile-de-France ( Fance)

Claire Heggen and Yves Marc are co directors of Théâtre du Mouvement, founded in 1975, authors, actors, directors and professors.Their purpose and design of contemporary mime and, more broadly, of an art of the actor, is based on the concept of a theatricality of movement and on gestuality. It establishes itself bordering dramatic dancing, object theatre and text theatre in which the body is engaged. They place the actor’s body at the very centre of artistic creation.


3g-2   Troisième GénérationTroisième Génération
Artistic direction : Sergi Emiliano i Griell
Country : Paris ( France)

The Third Generation. They met each others in schools of mime. Soon they realize that they want to build a choral Theater, engaged and rythmical exploring all the possibilities of writing that give to the body of the actor a central place of the set. Several influences guide them : mime, cinema, dreams but also the observation of the world around and his apprehension from his appearances.
The Third Generation company was formed in 2009 in Paris. In 2011, their first show L’heure où l’on ne savait rien l’un de l’autre  received the European Move Quality Label Award. In 2013, the company get for There Is No Alternative the first prize of les Plateaux du Groupe Geste(s), from the Ministry of culture In 2017, they are also winners of les Plateaux du Groupe Geste(s) for their adaptation of the novel La vie automatique.

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turjman1   Casus DélireBenoit Turjman
Country: Ile de France ( France)

“Les Transports Publics” wishes to make mime comedy accessible to all kind of audiences, without distinction of class or culture. We put forward visual comedy, lively performed by brightful and gentle characters. We long for getting each and everyone grabbed by joyful, hilarious and poetical stories. We are willing to open one’s heart with a smile. Are you ready for a unique journey ? Boarding now !

: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Vahram  Zaryan photo Jana Jasenkova  opt-2   Casus DélireCompagnie Vahram Zaryan
Artistic direction: Vahram Zaryan
Country : Paris, Île-de-France ( France)

The Vahram Zaryan Company was born from the collaboration between several artists who teamed up to create contemporary multimedia works where multiple artistic disciplines dialog and are in confrontation with one another. The company consists of a performance artist, videographer, photographer, a sound and light designer, and an author. The Vahram Zaryan Company has created movement and contemporary mime shows that are fully visual and performative. They have been performed in the United States, Russia, Eastern Europe and France.