carre2  The companies and artists who recognize themselves in the Arts of Mime and Movement practice a type of theater whose dramaturgy is essentially based on the body in motion.


This "label" groups together the theater of gesture, mime, visual theater, body mime, movement theater, pantomime, body theater, physical theater, dance theater, among others.


Our collective works to showcase the contemporary creative diversity of these arts. You will find here a short presentation of the work of the collective's members as well as details of the companies' current performances. You can download it using the following link:


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theatredessilence1   Casus DélireLe Théâtre des Silences
Artistic direction : Gwenola Lefeuvre
Country : Bretagne ( France)

The "Théâtre des Silences" thinks the world is way too loud, that it should rather keep quiet or find some kind of new languages. We offer a theatre of gestures and images where the body draws the space and tells the echo of life, in a made-up language that everyone would understand without even learning it. Narrating with mime is forgetting spoken words and letting go of the political, polemical and the media : leaving it up to the senses

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