This list is not exhaustive and we thank you for sharing your suggestions of places that can complete it.


carre2 In France

Private schools:

International School of Mime Corps Dramatique - Atelier de Belleville - Paris. Directed by Ivan Bacciocchi. Offers graduate training that is registered and identified by the RNCP at level III. Atelier de Belleville also offers workshps throughout the year.

École internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq – Paris. Issues a certificate of completion after two years of training.

Studio Magenia – or Académie Européenne de Théâtre Corporel - Paris. Offers graduate training that is registered and identified by the RNCP at level III.

Training centres:

Hippocampe – Training in Corporal Mime and theater - Paris. Directed by Luis Torreao. A place managed by the Compagnie Hippocampe, which offers continuous training in Mime Corporel, as well as theatre workshops, mime repertory (in collaboration with Cie Platform 88) and workshops with invited companies and artists around Mime and Gesture Arts.
Théâtre du Mouvement / Claire Heggen- Paris. Training venue managed by the Théâtre du Mouvement company - Claire Heggen and Yves Marc. Offers professional training courses around the Mime and Gesture Arts as well as courses and courses open to all with the company and invited artists.

Other places that claim an approach to the Mime Arts and Gesture in the proposed curricula:

A.I.D.A.S. - Versailles. Proposes professional training to the profession of comedian. The three-year course provides training in the following disciplines: dramaturgy, performance, dance, singing, pantomime, fencing, acrobatics, commedia dell'arte. The Academy offers a fourth year of professionalization by accompanying graduate students in the creation of their company, the staging and dissemination of their creation.

Arts en Scene:  Center for Live Arts - Lyon. School offering theater training and courses or workshops to develop the art of clown and mime techniques among others.

carre2 Abroad



Mime Centrum Berlin -

Belgium :

Antwerpse Mimestudio -



Omnibus School of Montreal Mime. Led by Denise Boulanger and Jean Asselin.



Moveo - Led by Sophie Kasser and Stéphane Levy. Offers professional training in Corporal Mime and Theater.



Acting School of Amsterdam - Offers a higher education - The Acting School of Amsterdam is today a Faculty of the Amsterdam School of the Arts, it comprises the National Academy of Ballet, the School for the cabaret shows and the contemporary theater music, mime school, dance school, jazz school ...).


Swiss :

"Scuola Teatro Dimitri" is part of the University of Applied Sciences of the Italian-speaking Switzerland SUPSI and offers, at the European level, a basic training in all the disciplines of movement theater. A "Bachelor of Arts in Theater" is awarded to students after three years of study which they can complete with a "Master of Arts in Theater" following an additional cycle of one and a half years.




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Allemagne :

Mime Centrum Berlin -


Angleterre :

International School of Corporeal Mime – Théâtre de L'Ange Fou. Dirigé par Corinne Soum et Steven Wasson. Propose une formation en Mime Corporel de 2 à 3 ans.


Belgique :

Antwerpse Mimestudio -


Canada :

Omnibus Ecole de Mime de Montréal. Dirigée par Denise Boulanger et Jean Asselin.


Espagne :

Moveo – Dirigé par Sophie Kasser et Stéphane Levy. Propose une formation en Mime Corporel de 2 à 3 ans.


Hollande :

Acting School of Amsterdam - Propose un enseignement supérieur - L'Acting School of Amsterdam est aujourd'hui une Faculté de l'Amsterdam School of the Arts, elle comporte l’Académie Nationale de ballet, l’Ecole pour les spectacles de cabaret et la musique contemporaine de théâtre, Ecole de mime, Ecole de danse, Ecole de jazz...).


Suisse :

«Scuola Teatro Dimitri» fait partie de la Haute école spécialisée de la Suisse italienne SUPSI et propose, à l’échelle européenne, une formation de base dans toutes les disciplines du théâtre de mouvement. Un «Bachelor of Arts in Theater» est délivré aux étudiants au terme de trois ans d’études qu’ils peuvent compléter par un «Master of Arts in Theater» en suivant un cycle supplémentaire d’un an et demi.