The Arts of Mime and Movement, in their various forms, carry the body to the centre of dramatic writing. These arts deserve to be better known for their richness and diversity, but also to be recognized and supported by institutions.

At a time when the different artistic disciplines are converging and blending, new theatrical writings are appearing. Among them, a theater based on the language of the body and dramatic movement, which some call mime, the theater of gesture, dramatic body mime, pantomime, physical theater, visual theater, or perhaps movement and image theater.

Today, companies, artists, teachers, cultural organizations, professionals and amateurs are coming together to form an association, the Collective of the Arts of Mime and Movement, to defend the plurality, diversity and originality of contemporary creative work in this field. Our objectives are to structure and develop our profession, support artistic creation as well as the reach of our work and to raise awareness of what we do to the public, media, cultural organizations and public authorities.

Together we will defend and promote the specific nature of the Arts of Mime and Movement!


carreADMINISTRATIVE BOARD (by college)

  • Luis Torreao - Hippocampe (A) college compagnie
  • Alexandre Schreiber - (C) college compagnie
  • Sara Mangano - Autour du mime (A)college compagnie
  • Janaina Tupan - Platform88 (A) college compagnie
  • Esther Mollo - Théâtre Diagonale (A)college compagnie
  • Catherine Dubois- Inextenso93 (A) college compagnie
  • Elena Serra - (B) college enseignants et écoles
  • Ivan Bacciocchi - (B) college enseignants et écoles
  • Francis Perrin - Mime FPAO (A) college compagnie
  • Jean Jêrome - (D) college structures et institutions
  • Cosette Dubois- (A) college Artiste
  • Geraldine Moreau- (A) college Artiste

Administrative board elected members:

  • Sara Mangano, Esther Mollo, Natalie Stadelmann - Presidents
  • Jean-Jérôme Raclot - Treasurer
  • Alexandre Schreiber - Secretary
  • Luis Torreau - under secretary


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carre2 MEMBERS


Alexandre Schreber
Anne Vercasson

Arianna Fernandez

Barbara Mangano

Benoit Turjman

Celia Dufornet

à fleur de Peau

Cie Comme SI

Cie inextenso93

Claire Heggen

Compagnie Choc Trio

Compagnie Discrète

Compagnie Hippocampe

Compagnie Mangano Massip

Cotillard et compagnie

Ecole International de Mime Corporel Dramatique

Elena Serra

Fiat Lux

Francis Perrin, MIME FPAO

Fool's Cap Theatre

Garance Théâtre 

Geraldine Moreau

Groupe Geste/Raclot, Jean-Jerome

Hanako Danjo

Iskra theatres

La Volga

Le Corps Sauvage

Les P'tites Grandes Choses

Le Théâtre des Silences

Les Elephants Roses

Mime de rien


Muriel Roland

Pas de dieux


Pascal Guillot

Theatre Diagonale

Théâtre des Grands Chemins

Théâtre l'Ecotuille

Théâtre des Silences

Théatre du Mouvement

Troisieme Generation

Véronique Musicianisi

Vahram Zahyan 
Valérie Bocheneck

Zinzoline Theatre

ZAI compagnie